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August 01, 2007


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Your body type is your body type. I hated my stumpy body at one point in my life. But I have learned to love it. It's mine. The health of your body is the only real issue. I don't care what strangers think of the way I look and the ones that love me hopefully love me for everything but my looks. I hope to live long enough to look like the incredible shrinking prune grandpa type. I can't imaging anyone changing their opinion of me because age is doing it's thing. Body type prejudice is as ignorant and heinous as any of the misplaced biases we humans seem to find time for.

It makes me really happy to know that you are resigned to being comfortable with who you are. You are full of wonder. I know I'm biased but when I looked at you at the wedding Friday I thought to myself..boy she looks pretty. I guess I should have shared that right then but we were gabbing and I lost the thought somewhere. It's not the first time I have thought it and not said it.

I like the direction of your thinking...


I think that in the near future the medical community will conclude that body weight is not the best indicator of health, and it is health that is important. My body type is different than yours but also far from society's ideal. According to the ludicrous height/weight charts, I'm more than thirty pounds overweight and, while I could healthily lose ten more pounds, there is no way I could weight thirty less than I do now. Not without starving and endangering myself.

Obesity is a problem when it affects your health, but the current definition of obesity is based on the height/weight charts that don't reflect total health. If your heart is healthy, you have good cholesterol levels, if all of those sorts of factors are where they should be, then your weight is probably also where it should be. Quality of life is important, and part of that is accepting and loving who you are. It's not easy for me - I've definitely got a ways to go - but it is something we all have to work on. Realizing how unrealistic societies standards truly are is the first step. That the beautiful people on the magazines are a)genetic freaks (and I'm not kidding, they are rare) and b) altered by Photoshop.

I've become a big fan of jezebel.com, and their thing on Faith Hill (who, ok, is not a model, but pretty damn hot) on the cover of Redbook really opened my eyes. I knew that they touched up photos for magazines. I mean, I saw pictures of Britney Spears when she was pregnant the second time, and the pictures of her in Vogue or whatever were NOT what she really looked like. But I didn't realize the extent to which they literally thin out legs and arms and just cut off whole sections of a person's body. I figured that they, you know, smoothed out cellulite or wrinkles, not changed the person altogether. I realized that what my perception of beautiful is, is based on this false presentation. The saddest part is that I see my friends and think about what amazing, intelligent, truly beautiful women they are, but I can't see that in myself, because all I can see is the many ways that I don't measure up to the standard of beauty set by magazines. Not that I ever consciously said "I don't look like Kate Moss, therefore I'm crap" but, you know. My belly is too fat, my forehead too high, my boobs not quite big enough, my thighs to thick. The list goes on and on. It was such a wakeup call to realize that, quite literally, NO ONE has thighs that thin. Except maybe the starlets who are quite obviously starving themselves to death.

Ugh. I tend to ramble in your comments. Sorry about that. The point: it is health that's important. A person who eats an unhealthy diet, who doesn't move much during the day, that person is going to have health problems. But if you eat the way a normal person should - you eat vegetables, and fruit, and lean meats regularly, and enjoy the occaissional dessert and big ol' steak, you'll be ok. Moderation is the key to everything, in my opinion. You can't live on egg whites and broccoli. Your body NEEDS some fats. It just doesn't need french fries and greasy fast food. You know? Skinny people who eat fast food everyday are NOT healthy.

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